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SIL Company Profile

SIL designs and develops solutions to high tech challenges. With more than a quarter century of engineering intelligent answers to difficult questions, SIL has the experience, facilities, capabilities, and confidence to meet any of its Client’s needs. Our projects encompass space-based research, military defense, civil communications infrastructure, and atmospheric & environmental research and we are well poised to lead our industry. More specifically, SIL specializes in the research, development, and application of advanced sensor technology. Coupled with support from our computer aided design/computer aided manufacturing department, manufacturing and administrative departments, our Engineers and Technologists are able to take a project from conceptualization through prototyping to full production.

Though the industry we choose to lead is one of cold impersonal electronics, computers, and technology, the success of our organization relies on strong mutually beneficial relationships between SIL, their Customers, Shareholders, Employees, and Suppliers. The future growth and success of our Company will be determined by our ability to continue to meet the needs of all of our Stakeholders. This concept forms the basis of our corporate culture and heavily influences our management philosophy.

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